“On Monsieur’s Departure” is a single where the text is a poem written in the 1500s by Queen Elizabeth I of England. Music and arrangement is done by me.

On monsieur's departure, coverReleased September 2017
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“Spiders” is a single released online in 2016. You can find links to a few of the biggest streaming services below the cover art.

Released 2016 Released August, 2016
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“Heroine” is a single recorded on my first England tour in February 2015, recorded and produced by Forward Thinking Records, written and performed by Hildur Höglind.

Released 2015Released October, 2016
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My EP, “Early”, containing five original songs, is available on all major streaming services and as a physical CD. Find links below the cover art or email me for a copy.

Released February, 2015 Released February, 2015
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