Hildur Höglind is a musician and songwriter from Blekinge, Sweden, who has received both the STIM (Swedish Composer’s International Music Bureau) grant (2017) and a grant from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (2016), won the Blekinge finale of radio competition P4 Nästa (2018), as well as represented and won prizes for both the region of Skåne (2016) and the region of Östergötland (2014) in national competition Imagine Sweden. With her own sound and a unique expression, she performs her songs both as a soloist with her guitar and with a full band. Lyrics and emotions are in focus as she tells stories inspired by literature, dreams, emotions and people, she doesn’t back down from breaching heavy subjects such as mental illness and existential questions.  

Growing up in a musician family in the small village of Johannishus, Hildur was surrounded with music from a very early age. She has always been interested in language and writing, but it wasn’t until she started playing guitar and writing her own songs that she found her own path. After being diagnosed with depression, writing became an outlet for her to express herself, something you can detect in much of her work. Hildur started performing at the age of 15, gigging at restaurants, small events and in competitions. Now, after years of dedication and experience, she is invited to play at big Swedish festivals (such as Hasslöfestivalen, Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest and Östersjöfestivalen), galas and concerts. In the fall of 2018 she was hired by Musik i Blekinge, a government funded music organisation, to do a ten stop tour at schools in Blekinge.

The five track EP Poems was released in March 2018 and got very good reviews and mentions in among others music magazines LIRA and Hifi&Musik, and the popular music blog hymn.se. Poems includes three poems; On Monsieur’s Departure by Queen Elizabeth I of England, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas and Alone (From Childhoods Hour) by Edgar Allan Poe, that Hildur has arranged and composed music to. The EP also contains two of her original songs, Spiders and The Fault In Our Stars. In April 2018 the single Steal Her Away // Colour Queen was released and quickly received attention through national radio competition P4 Nästa, where Steal Her Away won the Blekinge finale, as both the jury and listener favourite in July 2018. In 2015, she organised two England tours cooccurring with the release of her debut EP, Early. All of Hildur’s music is available digitally on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp, for example. Poems and Early also exist on physical CDs. 

Below are some quotes about Hildur and her music.

”The music becomes dreamlike, alluring and embracing, Hildur’s voice clean and pure, but with something distinctive that makes me play the songs over and over again. ..It all becomes an ep with five songs that impress and create a curiosity and longing for more” – Music magazine LIRA regarding Poems, 2018

”Sometimes your hear a song you’re immediately captured by, where lyrics, music and voice play together in pure perfection. The first track ”On Monsieur’s Departure”, a 500 year old poem put to music on Hildur Höglind’s new five track EP Poems, is one of those songs. …It is in its moments, unreasonably beautiful”hymn.se, 2018

”I could write pages and compare [Hildur] to other great Swedish singer-songwriters, but there’s really no need because Hildur Höglind has her own language, her own voice and her own ways. Those few seconds before each song, where she looks down on her guitar, takes a deep breath and then releases a fantastic melody is nothing but magical. Hildur Höglind is a musical force that I think can take all of Music Sweden by storm.  Hildur Höglind has a musical expression that feels completely unique.” – Blekinge Läns Tidning, 2018

”With strong lyrics and a nuanced voice, no one is left un touched. The listener is invited to everything between a careful promenade to a hypnotic, rhythmical. It is natural, convincing and with great presence.” – The jury of the national finale of Imagine Sweden, 2016

Picture by Hanna Ferm hanna.ferm98@gmail.com

Picture by Hanna Ferm