Hildur Höglind is a musician from Blekinge, Sweden. Her sound can be described as a mix of indie, folk and singer/songwriter style. With lyrics and emotions always playing the quintessential part in her music, Hildur Höglind tells a story. Fascinated with the darkness within us, she tries to put words on what makes us human. Sometimes alone and sometimes with a band, the audience is always guaranteed a genuine, heartfelt performance of high quality. 

She recently released her second EP, ”Poems”, containing three poems (by Queen Elizabeth I of England, Edgar Allan Poe and Dylan Thomas) that she has composed music to, but also two of her own songs. ”Poems” has gotten good reviews on big music platforms such as the national music magazines LIRA and Hifi&Musik as well as the popular blog hymn.se. Her double single ”Steal Her Away // Colour Queen” was released in April and quickly got attention through the national radio competition ”P4 Nästa” (former ”Svensktoppen Nästa”) where she won the region finale with ”Steal Her Away” and thus is representing her region, Blekinge. You can find her music on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all other streaming services. 

In 2017 she received the STIM (Swedens Composers International Bureau of Music) grant for her music, in 2016 the Royal Music Academy’s grant and in 2012 Lions Youth Music Grant. 

In 2015 she completed two solo tours in England where she played with The Lion And The Wolf and Sam Lyon among others. In 2014 she represented Östergötland region in the national Imagine Sweden festival, and won the Live at Heart award, in 2016 she represented Skåne/Kronoberg region and won the Live at Heart award and the Music Help coaching award.

Below are some quotes about Hildur and her music.

“Because Hildur Höglind’s music differs from most of the other acts that perform on Hasslöfestivalen, she stands on the stage alone with her guitar and manages to convey her emotions with a simple acoustic guitar and a voice that goes right into the soul. I could write pages and compare her to other good Swedish singer-songwriters, but there’s really no need because Hildur Höglind has her own language, her own voice and her own ways. Those few seconds before each song, where she looks down on her guitar, takes a deep breath and then releases a fantastic melody is nothing but magical. Hildur Höglind is a musical force that I think can take all of Music Sweden by storm.

It might take some polishing, a full-length album, some experience and some big hits, but Hildur Höglind has a musical expression that feels completely unique.” – Blekinge Läns Tidning 2018

”Det tog exakt två (!) sekunders lyssning av Steal her away innan man visste att det här är något alldeles extra.

Steal her away är en låt som skickar ut feel good-vibbar – det är glatt och poppigt – och det går liksom inte att låta den passera efter en lyssning. Det finns inte en chans.” – rockfarbror.se 2018

”Musiken blir drömsk, lockande och omslutande, Hildurs sång ren och klar, men samtidigt med en liten udd, något säreget som gör att jag spelar låtarna om och om igen.

Allt blir en ep med fem låtar som imponerar och skapar nyfikenhet och längtan efter mer.” – LIRA, April 2018

“Ibland hör man en låt som man blir omedelbart tagen av, där text, musik och röst samspelar i ren perfektion. Inledningsspåret ”On Monsiur’s Departure”, en 500 år gammal tonsatt dikt på Hildur Höglinds nya femspårs-EP Poems, är en sådan låt.
Det är i sina stunder orimligt vackert.”
– HYMN, March 2018

“Myself and Hildur completed a UK tour in the summer of 2015. From the planning stage, to the performance stage, Hildur was ambitious, hard working, enthusiastic and passionate about her work. Her stage presence is effortlessly captivating, and her music, unbelievably, is even more so. Despite her age, her songwriting abilities are beyond her years and could challenge even the greatest of writers.” – Sam Lyon, Musician, www.samlyonmusic.com, September 2016

”With strong lyrics and a nuanced voice, no one is left un touched. The listener is invited to everything from a careful promenade to a hypnotically and rhythmical drive. It is natural, convincing and with great presence” – The jury of Imagine Sweden 2016

“The music that [Hildur] has released over the years speaks volumes not only to her talent but; also the hard work she is willing to ensconce herself in through the medium of music. The soft timber of her voice houses a cemented lyrical backbone…” – Rania M M Watts, Poet, Cement Covered Ink Quills, August 2016

“Singing with confidence and grace, [Hildur] is Sweden’s answer to Damien Rice. It was an absolute honour to be hearing such an established artist performing comfortably in our humble home of a youth group.” – Northwich Guardian, February 2015

“[Hildur is] a strong personality with the courage to try out new ideas; Gilded vocal chords paired with a golden touch on the guitar.” – Musik Direkt Jury, May 2014

Picture by Hanna Ferm hanna.ferm98@gmail.com

Picture by Hanna Ferm